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do you offer free initial consultations?

Yes, we do! We offer FREE Client Discovery Consultations to learn more about your company and to assess your needs. Consultations can be conducted by phone for up to 30 minutes. For those who are serious about upleveling their creative, branding and marketing, an in-person meeting can be conducted for up to 1 hour. Please note that we will not give recommendations or creative and marketing concepts during this consultation as this type of consultation falls under our paid Marketing Consulting Services.

do i have to complete a client discovery form prior to our first consultation?

Yes, for 99% of our initial consultations, we DO require that you complete and return our Client Discovery Form prior to our meeting. Time is precious, and we don't believe in wasting your time or our time. Before we proceed with our meeting, it is important that we establish a common language and an understanding of your goals and objectives. The Client Discovery Form is our road map. It not only makes our time together productive, but it also prompts you to think seriously about your marketing and put into writing what we are setting out to accomplish together. Please note that if we require you to fill out this form, we will not meet with you until this form is completed and returned to us.

what are your payment terms for long-term contract clients?

Since we specialize in working with clients on a long-term basis, our Payment Policy is as follows: payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice for graphic design, copywriting and marketing services unless credit has been extended to the client upon credit approval. Our normal NET term is NET15 unless otherwise stated on your contract, i.e. you are a client on monthly retainer. Your invoice will state the actual due date of payment, which is the date that it is must be received in our office. Please note that web design, video production, and larger campaign projects may be subject to a deposit at contract signing as we as other Payment Terms as reflected on the contract. Payment for printing, signage, promotional products, mailing fees and postage is due UPFRONT upon receipt of invoice. Payment is to be made by cash or check and made payable to JumpSpark Creative Group. We will only accept PayPal as a payment method under certain circumstances and for only certain job types.

LATE PAYMENTS: If a payment is not received by the invoice due date, a 1.5% recurring late payment charge will be added to your outstanding invoice balance (until the balance is PAID IN FULL), and the invoice will be reissued with the new balance for payment.  The frequency of the late payment charge will be aligned with your payment terms and also stated on your invoice. As a courtesy, you will receive a reminder when your invoice is about to come due. If you have difficulty paying your invoice, please contact us immediately, so that we can make other payment arrangements with you.

OUTSTANDING BALANCES: As a courtesy, a Statement of Account will be issued to clients, who have outstanding balances on their account. For outstanding balances of 30 days or more, we will not be able to start on new projects or continue with existing work until your account is brought to current. If you have 2 or more outstanding invoices on your account, JumpSpark Creative Group reserves the right to refuse any new projects until late invoices are PAID IN FULL, no matter how many days late they are. Any outstanding balance of 60 days or more will be subject to collection or legal action unless otherwise noted or agreed upon. If payment of invoices is consistently late, JumpSpark Creative Group reserves the right to change a client's payment terms to prepayment before the final project is delivered, set up a prepaid retainer from which to draw money for upcoming jobs, or to terminate the business relationship. If a business relationship is terminated by either JumpSpark Creative Group or the client, the client's account must be PAID IN FULL prior to receiving any native art files upon the client’s written request. Depending on the number of native art files to be delivered, there may be an additional administrative charge of $100.00 or more for release to disk or a DropBox account.

JumpSpark Creative Group reserves the right to update and revise these payment terms at any time without notice.

what are your payment terms for piece meal projects?

For clients who only require our services on occasion and on a per project basis, we require payment upfront prior to delivery of final artwork. Payment may be made by cash, check or PayPal.


what are your payment methods?

We prefer payment by company check or cash. Payments, via PayPal, will be accepted for certain types of jobs under special circumstances and approval. Clients also have the option of setting up a PREPAID retainer with us for 3, 6 and 12-month terms, so that future payments can be drawn from this bulk payment.

you mention you work with strategic partners, so how does this benefit me?

JumpSpark Creative Group is a boutique creative, branding and communications company; however, the quality of our work, effectiveness, industry influence and purchasing power are comparable to larger agencies. What makes us unique is that we have hand-chosen the best designers, web programmers, executive producers, video production specialists, media coordinators and promotional event planners in their respective industries to be a part of our JumpSpark Team. These individuals are highly-seasoned experts, who are not only strategic thinkers and problem solvers but are also perfectly aligned with the JumpSpark Creative Group brand. And, when it comes to printing and promotional products, we have built a vast network of industry printers and promotional product suppliers that enables us to give you exactly what you need at fantastic prices. Our strategic partnerships BENEFIT YOU by giving you: more comprehensive solutions, access to a variety of industry experts and media outlets, a diverse and better selection of products, more attractive pricing and an edge on the competition while saving you time, money and marketing overwhelm.

do you give any pricing incentives?

Our pricing structure is based on a la carte services for initial concept and one-off projects. However in some cases, we do charge lower production rates for marketing pieces that use and support an already-created initial concept, i.e. a postcard concept that becomes an ad. We also offer special package, contract and retainer pricing based on quantity and time duration.

do you charge project cancellation fees?

All specific details of contract terms, deposits and other requirements are reflected in your project contract proposal. For projects that do not have a contract, the client will be charged 50% of the total project cost if they cancel the project once work has begun. VERY IMPORTANT- PLEASE READ: Client meetings that involve discussing concept and strategic planning are usually built into campaign pricing as a marketing consulting fee. However, if a client cancels a project that has or has not yet begun and a concept and planning meeting HAS taken place, the client WILL BE RESPONSIBLE and WILL BE CHARGED for that meeting and concept as a marketing consulting and/or concept planning fee. (Normal marketing consulting rates are $150/hour. Concept ownership and release fees may be additional. All rights and licenses for art work, copywriting and marketing campaign concepts are owned by JumpSpark Creative Group until the client pays in full for them unless otherwise noted. JumpSpark Creative Group reserves the right to use or exhibit art work, copywriting and concepts that it creates for its clients in its own portfolio and marketing.


For this answer, please refer to the description under "DO YOU CHARGE PROJECT CANCELLATION FEES?"

DO you abide by a code of ethics and adhere to industry regulations?

Yes, we do! JumpSpark Creative Group abides by the ethical standards and requirements of the National Graphic Artist's Guild. We also keep informed of and abide by our own offline and online marketing industry regulations. In turn, we also abide by our client's corporate specifications and requirements, if applicable.

Do you stay current with your industry trends & advancements?

Yes, absolutely! We believe in continuing education to ensure that we provide you with strategies and solutions that keep you 12 or more steps ahead of and never behind your competition.

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